We wish you a blessed mc season!

The summer has arrived, and a new mc season has started! We have already been driving several miles, and more is to come! It’s always a pleasure to meet old and new friends on the road, and the members of Disciples MM looks forward to reach out to them all.

We will attend to some meetings during the summer, and you are always welcome to our Bikers Church!

We look forward to participate on several arrangements this summer

Hojrock, VΓ€stervik Resort, 13-15. juni 2019

Charity Run, Kristiansand, 4-7. juli 2019

Mosten Raceday, 28. august – 1. september 2019

Biker Church leadership meeting in Poland January 2019

We also attended the Biker Church in Poland this year. A lot of friends from all Europe came and made it a blessing.

European Bike Week

Every year in September Harley Owners Group (HOG) arrange a bike week in Faak Am See. Here you got it all from live music to expo, from bars and food to parades, and of course the fantastic austrian nature. Here Thomas Holy and the brothers put up a BikerBible monter and gives out the BikerBibles for free every year. Lots of people comes by both to get a Bible but also to have a talk. Also people gives theire lives to The Lord and get baptized right away. This year also a couple of the Disciples Sweden went there to help out. Awesome!

Intermot MC Cologne

Every second year in september there is a motorcycle exhibition in Germany. And every time BikerChurch has our big monter with BikerBibles and this year also childrens books. Some of our guys in Sweden together with christian clubs from all over Europe was attending all week and giving out Bibles to all the visitors that wanted one. More than 5000 Bibles was given out for free and more than 1500 childrens books.


Our mother chapter in Kristiansand arranges a annual rally called the CharityRun where the income goes to people in need. This year it went to Crimea at the Black Sea. And Disciples from all over Scandinavia came to be a part of it.

The weather couldnt have been ordered better, and the sceenary was fantastic with the fjords between the southern mountains of Norway. The BikerChurch was touched by heaven and so it seemed with the food to ;-D The “Riverside Restaurant” as the local chapter calles theire terrasse under the trees along the local river. Local businesses in the south had also given good gifts to the lottery so it was interesting for the public to buy lottery tickets to win.
We all agreed on that this was worth the trip to experience and to see where it all started and how they do things.
Looking forward to next year!

Mosten Racedays Denmark

For the 25th time they arranged the Mosten Racedays, 17 of them our President and founder Cooks have been there. It has been ups and downs when weather accures, and some times the races has been cancelled because of heaven has opened up and its poring down. Still it has been worth coming here because it is always so well put together, and you just dont want to miss out. This year the weather smiled at us most of the time πŸ˜‰

We have not always been able to put up a big camp, but this year we did. 24 of the Disciples in Scandinavia attended, but with some friends attending the BikerChurches we had 34 people camping at our area. We had morning services at 10AM in our BikerChurch tent and then service again at 7PM. Together with Broken Chain MC, Streetchurch Bikers MC, Exodus MC and Kilden MC (and a few more) we came close to 60 people attending church in the mid of all the bikers from allkind of clubs.
Every day we also gathered to eat dinner together made by the different Disciples members sat up on the kitchen crew. At all time there was also put up a list with people in charge of the camp to look good and to have warm coffee and snacks to people passing by and being ready for the good talk.

The races was also awesome, and nitro in the air brought tears to many eyes, but not only because the races touched the hearts ;-D
The jet engine car took the show with the 10 meeter long flames behind it and when the banners flyed of when the machine took off bringing a new record to the racetrack.
The atmosphare and the bands and not to mention the great breakfastbuffet is worth attending every year. Im guessing we are back next year with a even bigger camp.

England Prospects

We want to congratulate our first prospects in England UK! Welcome to the Disciples MM International!

John And Yvonne has for some time now cept in contact with us and became hangarounds. Now it was time to move them up to prospects. They also started up BikerChurch in theire area and do an awesome job. Proud to have you in the Disciples, and looking forward to see the continuence.

Here are some pictures from Holland when they got theire patches, and just had to post pictures of them in the zipline πŸ™‚

Well visited AfterChurch

This spring and summer the Disciples AfterChurch in Kristiansand has been a good success and well visited from different churches. It is a good social event after the local churches in the area had theire sunday meetings. So this is a good way also for unity between churches, since friendship often are built over a meal or a social happening.
So what we do is to make a meal or have a BBQ, but also snacks and drinks, and sell this for a cheap money to the people showing up at our clubhouse after church. At the most we have served about 150 people in one sunday, and we had about 20 sundays so far this year.
Its so good to see all ages come together and enjoy what we are doing.

EMC rally in Holland

We decided this year to participate at the EMC rally in Woerden in Holland (The Netherlands). Even some of the members from our chapters in the russian speaking areas came to join, and all together we became 14 DMM people from 5 countries coming together.

It was a really good campground with areas both for leadership meetings and the public meetings as well as good food at the restaurant area. We also had a ride together to the local city and checked out a cafeteria and local sceenery. It was also very good to meet people from other different christian clubs and have good talks and have church together. However the best was to meet up with fellow Disciples members from other countries and hearing testimonies and to have good talks and to pray for eachother.
Seeing eachother more is certanly something we will work harder for in the future πŸ˜‰