Kenya 9 desember

Again we had a visit to our family at Divine Mercy, amazing to see them all again. But it was rain season and much rain, and we could see some issues that needs to be fixed both with roof and need of draining around the buildings. Bedrooms needs to be lifted up a floor and also we should build some more rooms.sadly also one of the cows died giving birth. The calf survived.
Here are some pictures from the shopping for the kids, awesome bakery that gave us an amazing price in all products for the kids.
The kids dont think about the needs at all, but cakes and and candy are always popular, they was very happy and jumped up and was hanging and playing with us all when coming. Pastor Jostein Skevik and Marianne Selle (From the church Fellesskapet who supports this work every month) and Tom Næss and the Disciples was also part of this trip, and making the day so great for all the kids.
Mama Esthers smile can melt any heart and do an amazing job. Thank you so much all our sponsors for making this possible. Please be a regulary monthly sponsor to these awesome children.
Vipps: 20799 and send me a message if you need account number and Swift/BIC.

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