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We are now putting up several different BikerChurch (BC) locations connected to our local chapters. We see more and more the need for having a low threshold to the local church. But also a place were you can feel free and ask about anything, and even share a testimony.
The church today dont have to much room to disciple the people that comes to The Lord. He sent out two and two after training them in smaller groups, and they came back and reported. This is what we want to do in our BikerChurches.
These BC`s will be conneced to local churches and under a leadership they can answer to.
We are also connected to the BikerChurch international and will be a part of the BC project international.
Therefore you will also see the same BC logo as on the BikerBible also on local BC`s all over Europe run by other clubs from our network to. That meens that if you get to a location you will be able to meet some of the local testimonies fro the BikerBible in person, and understand that the miracles didnt just happen 2000 years ago but it does happen to day to.
The two first Disciples locations have already started in Kristiansand Norway and Walla Walla Washington US.

BikerChurch Leader summit Poland

Leaders and Presidents from different clubs and organisations for ministries in Europe came together in Koztryn Poland this february. What a summit! Everybody with one goal at eye: Winning Europe for Christ!
A fantastic plus is to see more and more Disciples taking part in this global mission.

Swedish Biker Expo Gothenborg

Again the Swedish Bike Expo is showing its best side and again ofcourse there is a BikerBible booth.
The Disciples MM was ofcourse there together with Roul and Birgit who is our partners in BikerChurch and in the BikerBible project. The BikerBible project however is getting close to have been given out 1 million copies of the new testament througout all of Europe! That is an awesome achievement! Praise Jesus!
Also here in Gothenborg a few thousand copies was given out for free!
We are happy to be a part of this awesome work of the Lord, that has brought a lot of people to salvation and to freedom in different areas.
Thanks also to our Swedish chapter Jonkoping for their great dedication to our ministrie, being an outstreched hand to people in need!

Biker Expo in Verona

What a fantastic expo, thousands and thousands of bikers and awesome show of bikes in hall after hall.
One of the boots was BikerChurch Europe that was givin out the BikerBible in Italian. Also our new children books was very popular.
However the talk with bikers and other visitors about faith and also being able to pray for them in different needs are always the best reward. The many fantastic bikes and different sales booths is just a bonus to it all.
Our Swedish brothers and sisters in Disciples did also a great job together with our network clubs.